Collection: NSP CSE

With decades of experience in the shaping bay, Carl Schaper belongs to the higher echelon of shaper royalty on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. Knowing a thing or two about high-performance surfing, Carl shapes for some of the very best surfers out there, including a longboard world champion pipeline charger and industry legends like Garrett McNamara (Guiness Book of record for biggest wave ever ridden).

You can find Carl’s shapes in our new Custom Surf Epoxy line-up of boards, including the Pro-9, the Butter Knife,  The Cheater and our out-of-the-box Rhino Killer, The Equalizer. Some of these were made in Nature Flex as well, and more recently,  the Slot Machine and Pit Cruiser are two hardcore shortboard creations in PU.

Schaper shaping philosophy
“Keep it simple, stay neutral and make sure the boards are fast. Get the right board for the right guy for the right conditions.”